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We are a group of parents and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of parenting and working. We developed Match2Play to support your mompreneur and dadpreneur life, help you reach your goals, and give you the resources you need to accomplish them.

Our Creative Team.

We are a startup company based in Maine. Our team has over 14 years of experience in the digital market; we can offer what you need, from connecting with local families to boosting your sales.

There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s F2F: Family to Family

We understand the families’ needs; partner with us to connect with the  Family Community.

Carla Bauza


Katherine Ochoa


Allison Herran

Executive Assistant

Sara López

Founder & CEO.

Sara Lopez is an immigrant and a mother. She moved to Maine from Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit. She wants to create a community for parents with kids in the area who don’t have a support system.

Sara is the Chief Mom Officer. She’s a digital marketing expert and data analytics innovator piloting business-centric roadmaps, empowering independence, and inspiring the next generation of family-oriented entrepreneurs.

“As a mom of four boys under the age of 13; who moved to Maine just four years ago, I know how difficult it is to connect with other families while figuring out what to do with my kids without breaking the bank. So I created Match2Play, the perfect app for the entire family!”

Reasons why I love Match2Play

  • Allow connecting with families near you.
  • Help folks find things to do in their community.
  • Support the local community.
  • Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs have a space to promote their business.
  • Dads can find buddies to watch games, play sports, or get a beer.
  • Moms can meet friends, reals moms who can support you through those tough moments, encourage you in the challenging times of motherhood, teach you, and laugh about the mom life.

I would love to hear why you love Match2Play; I’m looking forward to meeting with you. See you at Match2Play

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